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Solutions: Indirect Auto Lending Partner Programs

Indirect Auto Lending Partner Programs

CRIF Select specializes in indirect automotive lending partner programs and integrated technology-based solutions that will make loan approvals faster, more accurate and virtually paperless. These solutions lower costs and better serve the consumer. With state-of-the-art technology, experienced call center support and loan processing services, these partnerships offer user-friendly, value-added solutions for every phase of the indirect auto lending process.

These outsourced indirect lending solutions can include dealer management, reporting and consulting, funding and processing, and technology. The key is to determine the best solution to match the amount of time, staff and other resources the institution can devote to successfully expanding an indirect lending portfolio. These solutions allow lenders to do what they do best, lend.

CRIF Differentials

Key Application Portal Access

Offers access to Dealertrack®, RouteOne® and proprietary application portals driving more applications to the financial institution.

Multiple Vehicle Types

Handles lending for any vehicle type including cars, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and boats.

Processing & Funding

Performs quality checks and compliance reviews as well as tracks down missing information for loan packages and completes the process by facilitating the dealer funding.

Consulting Services

Team of indirect auto lending experts to provide industry best-practices as well as program design and development support.

Comprehensive Reporting

Continually tracks performance and allows an indirect lending program to flourish while providing necessary tools and support.

Dealer Network Management

Builds and strengthens dealer relationships that build loyalty and help you earn more business.

Customizable Solutions

Provides turnkey indirect lending programs in the form of customized technology and/or specific services that will enhance an existing program.

Custom Decision Engine

A robust and easy-to-use decision engine designed specifically for indirect lending with features and functionality to automate the entire decisioning process.

Residual Based Lending

Offers a safe, convenient and profitable online balloon and leasing solution to help capture new business and diversify portfolios.


“We’re excited about the growth we’ve experienced and will continue to work with the CRIF Select team to ensure our indirect program is a leader in the marketplace. The partnership is helping us realize the strength of the Interra brand and is taking us to the next level.”

Case study quote from Interra Credit Union, a CRIF Next Level Achievement Award winner.

Interra Credit Union Select

“CRIF Select is always open to requested procedural changes and takes a proactive approach for any enhancements. We’ve handled numerous enhancements, and all of them were handled seamlessly without hindering the dealership or member experience.”

Case study quote from VyStar Credit Union, a CRIF Next Level Achievement Award winner.

VyStar Credit Union Select

Products & Services


Turnkey Indirect Lending Partner Program

CRIF Select’s full-service offering is the perfect solution for any institution that wants to keep costs at a minimum or wants to reel in the profits of an indirect lending program without the responsibility of operating it.

Tailored Indirect Lending Partner Program

This program is ideal for institutions that have indirect lending experience or want to internally control their programs, but find it more efficient and profitable for a partner to handle certain key elements.

CRIF Select Add-On Service

Year after year, new vehicles are leased. Select Lease is a safe, convenient and profitable online technology that allows you the gather the necessary information to decision a lease quickly and easily.
Products & Services
Products & Services

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