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CRIF Select is your one-stop shop for indirect lending technology. Our solutions have complete automation available to make application processing quick and efficient. Our web based loan system can be accessed anywhere you need, and on any device. It offers robust auto decisioning, fully functional interfaces, key communication tools and extensive reporting. CRIF Select is dedicated to making sure our technology will help drive your program in the right direction.


Through our indirect auto lending and dealer partner programs, CRIF Select provides a wide variety of processing services to improve the speed and accuracy of your approvals, which help you provide better service for your members and customers. These services include dealer relationship management, after-hours underwriting, loan package processing and funding, and program reporting and consulting.


To strengthen your indirect lending program and loan origination, CRIF Select uses our industry expertise to help guide you in the right direction. We provide you with extensive reporting to project and benchmark progress, dealership performance tracking and data analysis to help make program decisions. Additionally, we offer expert advice, program consultation and ongoing market analysis to make sure you are fully aware of the industry competition.

Markets Served


CRIF Select has offerings tailored for banks of all sizes including local community, regional and super-regional banks.  We provide customized solutions for every type of indirect lending program desired.

Credit Unions

CRIF Select proudly partners with credit unions and CUSO’s with programs to meet their needs.    We are in business to help credit unions serve their membership, grow their footprint and give them a competitive edge.

Clients Speak

CRIF Select has some of the most outstanding client partners in the industry! Check back soon to hear some great success stories.