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Select Complete

CRIF Select’s full-service program is a fully loaded offering that provides a turnkey indirect lending solution to guide you from start to finish.  This is perfect for any institution that wants to keep personnel costs at a minimum with the ability to scale your business with our technology, dealer management and loan package processing services.  



  • Provides a turnkey indirect lending program from start to finish
  • Ideal for lenders looking to scale their business without having to hire additional staff
  • Program includes state-of the-art indirect lending technology
  • Dealer Management and Loan Package Processing and Fulfillment services to gain efficiencies
  • Program consultation and market analysis built for success

Select Choice

This program offers customized solutions that are ideal for institutions who want to ability to choose the offerings that work together to best enhance your program, and find partnering to handle certain key elements more time and cost effective.


  • Allows you to choose the best solutions that work together to enhance your indirect lending program
  • Ideal for lending institutions that need a partner to handle certain elements to make their programs more efficient and cost-effective
  • All programs include state-of the-art indirect lending technology
  • Also includes key services to make your program successful

Select Multiple Loan Types

Partnering with CRIF Select, you can be a part of these often forgotten but lucrative Multiple Loan Type markets.  Our specialized programs provide the efficiencies to easily capture these loans and simplicity for your local motorcycle, RV, marine and tractor dealerships to send you their business.


  • Ideal for lending institutions who want to add these loan types and diversify your portfolio
  • Program includes CRIF Select’s technology and services to get into these spaces

Select Lease

Year after year, more vehicles are being leased and residually based financed.  Through our programs and along with our residual based financing partnerships, CRIF Select’s safe, technology and services allows you to support these programs and gather the necessary information to decision these loans easily.


  • An alternative way of capturing new car business, especially the A+ borrower
  • Provides a new avenue to grow your loan portfolio with minimal risk
  • Provides customers with a lower payment option or an additional way to qualify for a vehicle

Select Credit Desk Support

Indirect lending is not confined to normal business hours.  With this program, you can keep decisioning loans well after your doors close – evenings, weekends and holidays.  CRIF Select’s experienced underwriting team applies your loan criteria to all of the loans that you receive, when your staff is not in the office


  • Offer flexibility for your dealerships and have the ability to service them when they need you
  • Help capture more loans on applications you are receiving anyway
  • Build more relationships through underwriting


Connect with CRIF Today

Need more information about our dealer partner program for indirect lending? Schedule a consultation. Speak with a knowledgeable CRIF Select representative to answer your questions, see a demo or discuss your project in greater detail. We have your solution!